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Fight Consumer Debt Claims

Learn about the different options that are available when dealing with consumer debt and how an attorney can work to help you solve your issue for good! We are not a bankruptcy firm, we fight to protect your interests and rights.

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Foreclosure Defense Litigation

We have fought the largest lenders and servicers in the country and helped countless homeowners keep their homes rebuild their lives. Our attorneys only represent consumers , never the institutions, and are dedicated to defend our clients from wrongful foreclosure claims and receive financial compensation whenever possible.

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F.D.C.P.A / F.C.R.A

Stop unlawful and predatory collections and turn the tables on the collectors. We fight to get our clients the maximum compensation the law allows and get their credit report corrected fairly.

Sub Prime Lending Relief

We represent clients who don’t want to file bankruptcy to get the relief they deserve from outrageous Credit Card, Auto Loan and Private Student Loan debt.

Experience Matters

Contact us today for a free, no obligation case evaluation and let’s put the power back in your hands!

  • Over the past 10 years we have represented borrowers against some of the largest Lenders, Investors, Servicers and GSE’s in the country, many of which are listed below, and too many smaller or local institutions to list including Credit Unions and Private Lenders. 
  • It’s not a cliché, every case is unique and different, takes different time to complete and have different outcomes.  Our philosophy is simple, no one case is worth risking our reputation or licenses, so we don’t drag out cases to rack up fees.  We are very good and successful at what we do, but no attorney or firm wins every case, including us. You must be aware there is ALWAYS RISK, we do our best to minimize our client’s risk and expedite every case.
  • Foreclosure litigation can be complex, however most cases are settled without trial, in fact, less than 5% of all cases actually go to trial.   Similarly, FDCPA/FCRA cases commonly result in a negotiated settlement. 
  • Cases commonly take 4 to 6 months to complete, however some cases take less time while some cases do continue for more than 6 months.  Variables include judges’ schedules, opponents responses or motions, and our clients level or participation.

Andrew Dancy Law


Andrew Dancy is from Memphis, Tennessee, where he attended White Station High School. He graduated from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and he subsequently received a Master’s Degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. Mr. Dancy obtained his law degree from New York University School of Law, where he was an Associate Editor of the New York University Law Review.  

Mr. Dancy has practiced law for over 20 years. After law school, Mr. Dancy practiced corporate finance at Dewey Ballantine LLP. He has subsequently worked in New York for several banks in regulatory consulting and securities lending. For the past several years, Mr. Dancy has represented consumers and homeowners fighting lenders and creditors. He is admitted to the Tennessee and New York State bars.